The Chop Shop

The Chop Shop is a multiplatinum production company established in the mid 90s by producer Scott Humphrey. Rob Zombie’s first solo record “Hellbilly Deluxe” recorded in 1997 put The Chop Shop on the billboard charts selling almost 4 million albums with the hit singles Dragula and Living Dead Girl. Zombie recorded all subsequent records with The Chop Shop including The Sinister Urge, Educated Horses and many others including the 2010 album “HellBilly Deluxe 2” produced solely by RZ. The 2011 release of Zombie’s Icon album for UME includes 14 Chop Shop tracks produced by Scott Humphrey and 3 tracks produced by Zombie.

Many different genres of music have passed through The Chop Shop from the electronic sounds of The Crystal Method to the 2004 album Day Of Fire winning a Dove Award for best Christian Rock Album Of The Year. Soundtrack credits include: End Of Days (1999), Mission Impossible 2 (2000), Resident Evil and Scorpion King (2002), House Of A Thousand Corpses (2003), Californication (2009).

Scott Humphrey produced one of the world’s biggest music collaborations with Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee using The Public Record web site to assemble random contributions from musicians all over the world for the “Public Disservice Announcement” album released in the fall of 2010.

The Chop Shop offers many different services ranging from full music production to the most detailed digital editing and restoration of audio files. We also offer original song writing and production for major motion picture themes or the “music inspired by” category, TV themes and underscore, music underscore for film, commercial Jingles and Industrials.

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